meet HUEY

The next generation of Autism care

We train you as a family on how to work with your child's natural skills & interests, so they can thrive for the rest of their lives.
Family-centered · Neurodiversity-affirming

Personalized, from the very beginning

A tailored care journey that caters to your child's unique capabilities and nuances.

Affordable, through targeted options

Targeted, evidence-based 1:1 options to help you resolve disability-specific family issues.

Integrated, for your family and care circle

Your child's treatment plan- online, to keep everyone on the same page.

Why we're radically better than others

Our unique model

We help families in 12-week blocks, focusing on your priority concerns. We educate you, train you, guide you every step of the way with personalized 1:1 support from expert clinicians.
Family-centered behavioral therapy
Developed by pioneering clinicians, our unique evidence-based model is naturalistic, neurodiverse-affirming, and focused on training the whole family for the long term.
Pro-social behavior interventions
Our model focuses on teaching positive behaviors that will improve the quality of your child's everyday life, rather than teaching compliance.
Our remote-first model provides flexibility and gives time back to families to enjoy with each other.

On-demand learning

Learn at your own pace using our on-demand resources to become a better parent. Build your knowledge base, parenting skillset, and explore shared family activities.
Series and topics
Self-directed learning resources to help you address and resolve issues by yourself, at your own pace.
How-to guides
A vast collection of how-to guides to help you deal with day to day disability-specific challenges.
Family activities
Bring in the entire family to partake in interactive activities, to help everyone learn, reflect and apply new skills.

Your child's virtual diary

A secure virtual space to replace your child's communication book. Add important notes, to-do lists, FAQs and other details about your child to keep your care circle on the same page.
How-to's, FAQs, checklists, etc.
From routine checklists, to communication guides, to notes on what to be mindful of - have one place to manage it all.
Keep your therapist, coach, family members, care workers, teachers and others, all on the same page.
Secure sharing and access
HIPAA-grade privacy that allows you to have full control over who gets access to your personal space.

Our pioneering care model

We're setting the benchmark for what it means to deliver high-quality Autism care in today's modern age. Huey is creating the future.

Practical meets science
All therapy sessions are designed by our behavioral team to ensure practical applicability. We're here to level up your caregiving from the first session.
Family first
We put family at the center of our care model. This means that it's not just you who gets to access to all our resources, but your entire family too. No additional cost to bring your family in.
Relevant at all stages
Our platform allows families to change their relevant issues based on what they need help with at any point in time, to accommodate each family's unique care journey.
Single source of truth
Our personal space saves families countless hours spent coordinating care, sharing information, educating new care workers and digging up old reports. We make caregiving effortless.

The pioneers building Huey come from