Privacy Policy

Huey  ("Huey", "the Company", "we", "our" and "us") is committed to safeguarding the information you provide through your access and use of Huey. In this Policy we set out how we store, manage, disclose and use your information which includes personal information, sensitive health information and any other information provided by you through your access and use of Huey.

We reserve the right to modify our Policy at any point in time in accordance with this provision. Modifications to this Policy take immediate effect upon being uploaded onto

As a user, your continued use of Huey following such an upload would be constituted as your acceptance of any changes to the Policy. If you disagree with the revised Policy, you are open to terminate your account and agreement with Huey through emailing us at with a request to permanently deactivate and delete your account.

At all times, the latest version of our Privacy Policy will be available from our website

What you are agreeing to
By signing up as a user to Huey you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of this Policy and consent to your personal information (including your sensitive information) being collected, stored, used and disclosed in accordance with this Policy. To understand our practices regarding how we manage your personal information, please read through this Policy. ‍

Information to be provided by you and what we will collect
By signing up through our website, you consent to us collecting your information (and the information of the person with disabilities if you are signing up as a "Parent", "Sibling", or "Other Family"). We will only store, use, analyse and disclose this information for the purpose for which you disclosed it to us and as permitted.

If you are a “Parent”, “Sibling”, or “Other Family” or any of a person with disability, you should get the consent of the relevant person with disabilities before you sign up, if their disabilities allow for them to express it. Should their disabilities not allow for expressing either a yes or no consent, you should apply reasonable judgement and understand the relevant rules and regulations before making a decision to sign up. Should the person with disabilities not give their consent, please do not sign up to Huey.

Depending on the mode of interaction, we may ask for and collect the following types of personal or sensitive information (non-exhaustive)

Generally, for everyone:
First name;
- Last name;
- Your role in the community;
- Your email address;
- Your hub location (the city you live in);

If you are a “Parents/Guardians”, “Siblings” or “Other Family”
Age group of the person with disabilities;

If you are a “Health or Allied Health Professional”, “Support Worker”, "Disability Service Provider", "Coordinator", “Educator/Teacher” or “Recruiter”:
- Your profession;

If you are a “Health or Allied Health Professional”, “Support Worker”, "Disability Service Provider", "Coordinator", “Educator/Teacher” or “Recruiter” and sign up as an Affiliate:
Type of business you operate or are a part of;
- Full legal name of the business you operate or are a part of;
- Registered business address of the business you operate or are a part of;
- The type of service(s) the business you operate or are a part of provide;
- Whether the business you operate or are a part of;
- Once confirmed as an Affiliate, bank transfer details to send payouts;

If you decide to sign up for a Personal Space:
Name of the person who you’re opening the Personal Space for;
- First name(s), of up to 10 people you would like to add to the Personal Space;
- Last name(s), of up to 10 people you would like to add to the Personal Space;
- Email address(es), of up to 10 people you would like to add to the Personal Space;
- Date of sign up;Name(s) of the sub-spaces inside the Personal Spaces you would like to add each person to;

Note: We use Stripe for secure payment processing, which means that when you make a payment for your Personal Space, we don’t store any of your card or billing details at all. These details are securely transferred from the sign up form to the payment processor, without us knowing any sensitive details.Following the above, we do however store a record of the fact that you purchased a Personal Space subscription alongside a unique customer ID, and

Where relevant and deemed necessary for a specific purpose, we may also ask for and collect identity verification information to verify your identity. Huey may also record and store communication and other information derived through or directly as a result of your interactions with us or other Users on the Huey. This includes communications as a result of your interaction with us as part of your background check, or for any other reason that support the purposes outlined previously.Note that generally speaking, we will never access your Personal Space without reason. The only valid reasons to access are to: Setup or edit your Personal Space, add, move or remove people within your Personal Space, fix technical bugs or problems within your Personal Space, make an important announcement inside your Personal Space, or to close your Personal Space down. We will never open any links or files inside your Personal Space, unless you ask us to.

Huey will also automatically collect certain information from you such as (not limited to),

Your usage and interactions
How you interact with the our website, social media pages or other Huey related content published by us on the internet. ‍

Log data and device information
Examples of information include, but are not limited to, things such as your IP address, access time and date, device information, unique identifiers, crash data, hardware and software information. This information helps us run Huey’s services more efficiently, analyse trends and provide you with a tailored experience. ‍

This is anonymous information about how you use Huey (e.g. what you click on, how you navigate through our website, where you go after visiting Huey) that we obtain through tracking your computer, not you. You can configure your web browser to restrict or disable cookies, however, this may cause some parts of Huey not to have full functionality. ‍

Where relevant, we collect information related to your payment transactions through Huey including the payment instrument used, payment dates and times, payment amounts, and other related transaction details. As previously mentioned, since we use Stripe as our secure billing partner, we do not collect or store any sensitive card details. These are directly processed by the payment processor. ‍

Should you click on a Huey advertisement online (e.g. an ad on Facebook) as a registered or unregistered user, the third party service hosting that advertisement will collect certain information and will provide that information to us to allow us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising. ‍

From other Users
We may collect information about you through other Users on Huey using various mediums of interaction (e.g. a User reaching out to us via email or direct messaging on Huey, mentioning your name or other details.) ‍

Background checks
Huey may, if required and as permitted by applicable laws, obtain police, background and other checks on you. As part of this, we may use personal information such as your full name and date of birth to obtain such reports.

Third party sub processors
Huey relies on a number of third party sub processors to provide you with the overall experience, including the core Huey platform. Our platform is hosted on Circle, who have provided the following Security Guidance, outlining the technical and organisational measures they take to protect the data they process for the Huey. In addition to this, they have also provided an EU Data Processing Addendum, outlining how they comply with GDPR data regulations for EU-originating users using the Huey platform.

To get a complete listing of all our sub processors, please email us on will take reasonable steps to ensure security of your information. However, except to the extent liability cannot be excluded due to the operation of statute, we exclude all liability (including in negligence) for the consequences of any unauthorised access to, disclosure of, misuse of or loss or corruption of your personal information.

How it is held, stored, shared and disclosed ‍
We will not rent or sell your information to third parties without your consent, except as noted in this Policy.

Huey may hold and store your personal information in hard copy or electronic format, in storage facilities that we own and operate ourselves, or that are owned and operated by infrastructure, storage service providers or third party sub processors, including those that are located overseas, such as in the United States.

Your anonymised data (e.g. information with your name removed) may be accessible to people involved with the operations of Huey and our related bodies corporate (e.g. sales, marketing, developers, designers, researchers, HR) or other third party service providers (e.g. technical service providers, hosting providers, IT companies, communication agencies, consultants, payment processors, data analytics providers, marketers, auditors), if it is deemed necessary for a specific purpose.

Time to time, we may have other third parties to whom we disclose your information to for a specific purpose, including, but not limited to:
- Accountants, lawyers, bankers, professional service firms;
- Contractors who may provide us with goods and services;
- Potential third party acquirees and their advisors (e.g. an organisation or entity wanting to explore a potential acquisition of shares or assets in Huey);
- Any other third parties in accordance with and as permitted by the law.In doing so, we will apply reasonable efforts to ensure that third parties use the information for the specific purposes for which we have agreed to and as per this Privacy Policy and the law.

Personal Spaces
Huey Personal Spaces is a premium product available at a monthly subscription fee to all users. The primary purpose of the Personal Space is to make it easy for families and people with disabilities to have their entire support network in one place – to share material, talk to one another and stay on the same page. For you, this means having all your Health or Allied Health Professionals, Support Workers, your Family Members, and your Educators/Teachers in one place online under a secure platform with appropriate boundaries setup between different professional groups (e.g. “Health Professionals Space”, “Support Workers Space”) and 1:1 messaging between people – so that you have the opportunity to share content with and only talk to those who are relevant.

When signing up for Huey Personal Spaces, you get the opportunity to pick the Spaces you would like to give access to for each user. For example, you get to decide if you would like your Support Worker(s) in your Educators/Teachers space.We understand that users in these Personal Spaces may or may not share personal or sensitive health information. As a business, Huey will never access any of your spaces to look at or analyse the information, unless you explicitly ask us to.

Additionally, the information you put inside your Personal Space is securely handled by Circle, our platform provider. To understand their security and handling processes, please see the “sub processors” section we listed out earlier in this Privacy Policy.

We make every effort to ensure that random or unintended people cannot join your Personal Space, and that space boundaries are maintained. To ensure this, all spaces are private by default and can only be joined by request. Notwithstanding, if by some unfortunate chance a random or unintended person is added, we bear no direct or indirect liability that might result from the unintended disclosure of personal or health information.

How your information is used ‍
Of the information you provide us and consent to us using, Huey may use this information for a range of activities, which all directly relate to the core purposes we outlined earlier. These activities include, but are not limited to (non-exhaustive):
- To verify and authenticate your identity and information;
- To analyse your information through proprietary and third party methods and tools, so as to provide you with a personalised experience to Huey;
- To develop, test and prototype new features, products, ads, goods, services, marketing, and any other content that directly relates to our core purposes;
- To improve our goods and services;
- To tailor promotional messages, advertising and other content for you or other prospective users to consume through a variety of online platforms;
- To undertake background, reference and other checks to verify your identity and information;
- To undertake demographic profiling;To enable you to use Huey's community platform and Personal Spaces;
- To undertake geospatial analysis and targeted research;
- To maintain up-to-date records about you and information related to you;
- To help get you matched to other Users on the platform;
- To operate, improve and optimise related services, such as by performing analytics and conducting research;
- To process, manage and administer account payments, billing issues and payroll transactions;
- To contact you through the phone, email, or other platforms and send you support messages, updates and account notifications.
- To action any changes or updates requested by you, inside Huey communities or your Personal Space.

Your right to your information
Should you want to undertake any of the following actions
- Request a copy of all the information you have provided us;
- Update or amend the information you have provided us;
- Unsubscribe from any form of communications;
- Lodge a complaint;
- Delete your User account;

Please contact us on clearly outlining your request and we will endeavour to reply back with steps on how we will action your request within 30 days.

Following deletion of your account, Huey may retain your information for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archive or audit purposes.

Feedback and contact
If you have any questions about any matter contained within this Policy or our Terms, please contact us at